How To Match Your Accessories With Your Skin Tone

If you were ever to go hunting for a universal accessory, or in other words a piece that would equally good on anybody who wore it, you might never accomplish this feat. There can be many reasons for why different pieces have a different look on individuals and out of those reasons, the skin tone plays a big role. Some types of metals and gem will look good more on certain skin tones than others. By figuring out how the colour of your skin will complement the precious stone that you are wearing, you will be able to purchase pieces that will boost your confidence.

First figure out your skin tone

Before you go in for the next fine jewellery shop, figure out your skin tone. The best way to do this is to look at the colour of your skin under natural light. Preferably look for an area where the veins can be seen. Your wrists are generally a good choice. If your veins colour looks green you have something called a “warm skin tone”. If the veins look purple or blue you have a “cool skin tone”. If they change between blue and green then it is neutral. Your skin could be darker in colour but you might have a cool tone to it and the reverse is also possible. The tone of your skin is always closely tied to the ethnic background you come from and the colour of your skin will have ties to the surroundings you live in.

How to match the tone to metals?

Why are metals important? Because when you go to a gems for sale in Hong Kong, you need to look for the correct mounting and not just the stone. However, luckily it is easy to find a metal that will complement the tone of your skin. If you have a cool tone you will look good with light coloured or white metals such as platinum, white gold and silver. If you have warm toned skin look for pieces that have rose gold, yellow gold, copper or brass. If you are one of the lucky ones with a neutral tone you can look good in any these metal additions.

How to match the tone to the colour of the stone?

This step will guarantee that you are not distracting the attention of the person who sees your piece and that the metal alone does not become the show stopper. The more compatible the colour of the stone is to your skin one, the more clear and polished the overall look will be. If you have a cool tone opt for bright colours like purple, red, blue and even green because they will make you look vibrant. Earthy and rustic colours like yellow, brown, orange and turquoise are great for warm skin tones because they will bring out the rustic undertones in your skin.

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